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About us
We are a creative team of professionals who can provide you with complex Internet marketing services to promote your project online. Each specialist is engaged exclusively in his own direction, in order to help to realize all your desires for the project as correctly as possible.

We cooperate with absolutely all customers who have a small Internet business, and large companies looking for partners for their digital media, design and communications development.

Our work with the client is built exclusively on an individual approach for each project separately, sociability and love for our work.
Qualified team of specialists
Maintaining confidentiality with the customer
Integrated Internet Marketing
Modern technologies for project implementation
Our services
Promoting your business on social media. Creation of creatives, engagement and segmentation of the target audience.
We will help you effectively implement and maintain your corporate identity. We will develop a visual identity for the unity of perception of your brand.
Branding and design
We will promote, promote, increase the visibility of the site in search engines.
We will set up communications between your brand and the audience. Structured social networking.
Contextual advertising
We will effectively set up advertising in Google adwords, Yandex direct, YouTube. Creating keywords for your project.
Web sites
We will create a selling convenient website with high conversion. Stylish and logical interface for your business.
Our Portfolio
Club in France. Work was done on brand design, design and creation of the site. The list of services also included: SMM and Internet promotion, including Targeting.
Bar and live club in France. An institution where, among other things, various events are held: from birthdays to fashion shows and concerts of dance groups.
The Brumel's Piano Bar
The next step is to design and package the necessary services to create a comprehensive goal for your project. Distribution of tasks for each specialist in separate promotion blocks.
Drawing up a timing plan
Completion of assigned tasks by competent specialists. Control of work and implementation of tasks. Step-by-step verification of all stages of the work performed before transferring the project to the customer.
Completion of tasks by specialists
We discuss the implementation of all tasks. Demonstrate the work done for each block. After the completion of the work, and adjustments, we conduct the final presentation and answer all questions.
Transfer to the customer
After receiving the final payment, we transfer all accesses to your personal use. We also offer you the support of your project on an ongoing basis and assistance in optimization. We look forward to long-term cooperation and positive feedback from you.
Closing the deal
Work algorithm
Preparation and audit
After processing the application, we get to know you personally and send a brief to fill out. During the conversation, we collect data, identify the features of your business and your desires, and analyze competitors. At this stage, the formulation of tasks and the concept of work are formed.

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